If you haven’t heard, VeloNews has released an article, testing the top performing road tires. We aren’t surprised that Specialized dominated the leader board, but a few factors are very interesting. For example, the fasted tire is not the lightest, or the thinest. So what makes a tire fast? We encourage you to read the article: CLICK HERE

Specialized has been making tires for over 40 years, and in that time, they’ve innovated every step of the way. From the world’s fastest tire to its most durable, their road tires provide the perfect interface between you and the road. In 1976, Specialized introduced its first home-grown bicycle component, a tire designed for the touring market. The years 1978 and 1979 were marked with Specialized’s production of the first foldable clincher tire–the TURBO (with Kevlar bead) and the introduction of Specialized’s first bicycles, the ALLEZ (road racing), and Sequoia (touring frames). Specialized has continued to “innovate or die” as they strive to always make superior products.

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