The rain is here and it’s time to dust off your indoor trainer. Although boring, indoor training has it’s benefits. When you are riding indoors, it’s easier to control important performance variables such as intensity of effort, cadence, gearing selection, heart rate and power-if you have a power meter. Plus, you will be safer from drivers on the wet roads.


There are dozens of training routines out there depending on your goals. Here are a few workouts to fit your training or riding style to get you going. In order to get the full benefit of the training workouts, at minimum we recommend having a computer that will display cadence or speed. Ideally, you will also be able to monitor heart rate and/or power.






How to find your 20 minute threshold heart rate and power thanks to TrainingPeaks:

  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP):
    • Your Functional Threshold Power is by definition the Normalized Power for an all out effort of 60 minutes.  However, you can get a fairly accurate estimate of your FTP by doing an all out effort of 20 minutes, then subtracting 5% from the average power value for that interval.
    • More information on Functional Threshold Power can be found here.
  • Heart Rate Threshold:
    • Your threshold heart rate will be the average heart rate from a recent intense race or very hard interval from a training ride, where you spent 45-60 minutes in duration at an all out effort.




  1. WATER: Expect to drink more than usual. Depending on the length and intensity of your ride, have plenty of water bottles and even nutrition/gels within reach.
  2. FANS: You will sweat like crazy! Fans (or an open window) will help cool you off as well as circulate the humid, stuffy indoor air.
  3. RUBBER MAT: Collect dripping sweat and keep your floors clean.
  4. TOWEL(S): Drape one over your bike to protect your frame from sweat and another to help wipe off excess sweat.
  5. FRONT WHEEL RISER: Anything from a phonebook, old college text books, or trainer specific rider to prop up the front wheel, leveling out the bike.
  6. ENTERTAINMENT: Help pass the time with a TV, music player, ipad…even a training buddy!



There are a couple of trainer options available, the most common are wind, magnetic, and fluid trainers.  With a wind trainer, your rear wheel hooks up to a roller and uses wind  to create resistance.  These tend to be more affordable options. The magnetic and fluid models work similarly to the wind option, but provide a much quieter ride. If you have a roommate or thin walls, everyone will appreciate these trainers, especially on an early morning training session. There are also Virtual reality trainers available that offer the rider a simulated workout. These workouts can be tailored to that particular athletes fitness goals and make for a more enjoyable setting than just watching the TV or listening to music. For those looking to improve bike handling skills, want a real road feel, or are simply just brave, will ride Rollers. Rollers allow you to work on your balance and will greatly improve your spinning technique, however, riding rollers take some skills. We’ve all seen what happens when we fail on rollers. At the Surf City Cyclery, we have all types of trainers to fit your budget, just stop in and ask one of knowledgeable sales team members!


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Ride with others Virtually: ZWIFT

Practice on the rollers to master THIS

Don’t get discouraged when the weather gets too cold or wet. Stay off the road, out of danger, and get a good workout indoors. Plus, next time the group ride meets, you’ll have and edge on your training buddies.