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Does your bike have a glorious moustache? Introducing the MANFU


Specialized has been refining their FSR suspension linkage for over 20 years. Much of the fine-tuning comes from pivot location and construction. Additional “magic” occurs from the linkage’s highly valuable interaction with the shock, which connects the rear-end to the rest of the bike. Several years ago, the MTB Team and engineers designed the ManFu Link—a unique way to connect the shock to the suspension linkage by wrapping around the seat tube. The ManFu Link features a couple of important attributes:

  1. Allows our frames designers and engineers to place pivot points, as well as the shock, in optimal locations.
  2. We achieve greater flexibility in frame design and layout.
  3. The ManFu is specifically the “shock extension.” The alloy link at the end of the shock that looks similar to a glorious moustache, the “Fu Manchu.”

Ultimately, this makes for beneficial and functional features, like uninterrupted seat tubes, shorter and stiffer seat stays, and better shock sensitivity—all of which boost the already awesome ride!

The ManFu design has found its way onto nearly all of Specialized FSR bikes, allowing riders to experience the benefits of optimized suspension performance, and the structural stiffness riders demand with full use of an uninterrupted seat tube.

Other brands have seen the advantage of the ManFu Link, and have begun utilizing on their suspension mountain bikes. Specialized has licensed our ManFu technology to those manufacturers to bring the benefits to those whom matter most: the riders.

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Have you met Mike?


Have you met Mike?

Get to know your Surf City Cyclery General Manager, Mike Faello:

How long have you been with Surf City Cyclery?
I’ve been here for almost 7 years; a little off and on in the beginning.

How did you start riding bikes?
My dad pushed me to the neighbor and said pedal.

What is your favorite part of working in the cycling industry?
My relationships with regulars. I love helping people feel happy about riding bikes.

How long have you had Scrappy?
I’ve had Scrappy for 9 years. I got him with my ex wife in Florida and flew him out in 06 when she couldn’t take care of him.
He rides with me to work all the time.

What is your favorite food to eat after a big ride?

Stop by Surf City Cyclery and say hi to Mike!

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Meet Tommy, your SCC Service Manager.



Meet your Surf City Cyclery Service Manager and technical expert, Tommy Abrahams. Tommy has been with Surf City Cyclery for over 5 years, and a mechanic for over 15 years. Tommy’s mechanical roots began when he realized he had to fix his own bikes when he raced downhill back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. “I destroyed my bikes so I had to work on them, and that’s how I learned.” Tommy started racing downhill when he moved to Southern California from Arizona when he discovered the types of hills and trails available out here. “The riding was way different than the desert. When you’re able to descend 600 feet in a minute compared to rolling washes in the desert, that’s pretty exhilarating.” Tommy has moved on from competition but still rides his S-Works Stumpjumper Hardtail and Tarmac SL4 recreationally.

“Everything presents a different problem in this business, and solving those problems gets me up in the morning. I just enjoy helping people that need the help.” Tommy loves to explain to customers the intricacies of the bicycle, how it operates, how to take care of it, what to look for, and what it all means.

“I want people to know they can always ask for help. Always.” Where many businesses today tend to be reluctant to give advice, Tommy wants everyone to know they can always ask for help in any situation. “It’s important to me to show the customer honesty, integrity, that I care and that I’m trying my best to help.” Tommy’s ability to balance compassion, integrity and providing high quality parts and skills is what makes the service department at Surf City Cyclery superior and dependable.

Say hi to Tommy at Surf City Cyclery.

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Pain in the Butt? Tips to help with saddle pain.

Finding the right saddle for you can be a never ending process, but even if you have found the right saddle, you may not even know it! If you’re new to bicycling or have recently started riding more, you may be experiencing some soreness from your saddle. This is common. It’s just your body getting accustomed to the seat, and usually it’s nothing to worry about. Here are a few simple steps you can take to prevent soreness and ensure that any you do have goes away as quickly as possible.

1. ADJUST SADDLE POSITION: Seat position is an important factor in comfort and it’s easily adjusted. Set your seat high enough so that when the balls of your feet are over the pedal axles and your feet are at the bottom of the pedal stroke, your knees are slightly bent. If, at the bottom of the stroke, your knees are locked or nearly straight, the seat is too high, which could cause soreness. When a seat is high like this, you can’t support as much body weight on your feet, which concentrates the pressure on the seat, causing pain.

bike fit 012. LEVEL IT!: Another important adjustment is the seat angle. For optimum comfort, the seat top should be level or angled for comfort no more than three degrees up or down.

3. MOVE AROUND: Many cyclists get in the bad habit of sitting in one spot on the seat. That’s fine, if it doesn’t cause problems. We recommend moving around on the seat occasionally to change the pressure points while pedaling and standing at regular intervals to take all pressure off the crotch. These steps ensure pain-free rides.

4. START EASY: It’s important not to overdo it when you get into cycling, too. It takes time for the body to adapt to sitting on the seat and if you can build up gradually, you may experience little soreness, if any. Also, it’s best to ride regularly (about three days a week) so that your body stays accustomed to sitting on the seat and you don’t have to break it in again.


5. A GOOD PAIR OF SHORTS: Cycling clothing significantly increases comfort. Street clothes have seams in the crotch that chafe and press on nerves causing problems. We recommend bicycle shorts, which have no seams in the crotch and are generously padded. They’re made of moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you dry and comfortable. These features practically eliminate friction and chafing while the seam-free construction ensures that you’re not sitting on a bump that cuts off circulation and causes numbness.

6. NO UNDERWEAR: It may seem strange, but cycling shorts are made to be worn without conventional underwear (it’s fine to wear underwear made for cycling). The reason you don’t wear underwear is because it has seams in the crotch area that can cause pain, chafing and numbness. And, cycling shorts are designed to give you plenty of padding and support without underwear.

7. KEEP CLEAN: Germs can cause saddle sores and bothersome rashes, too. To prevent this, cycling shorts use liners treated to kill germs. It’s also important to always ride in clean shorts. That’s why it’s a good idea to have at least two pair of cycling shorts so you always have a clean pair to ride in.

8. TIME TO TRY A NEW SADDLE: If you try these tips and you still suffer soreness, the likely culprit is the specific shape or composition of your seat. It’s possible that it doesn’t fit your anatomy correctly. Also, a poorly designed saddle can cause numbness and sore spots. Fortunately, there are plenty of new models available designed for comfort. All you’ve got to do is find one that’s right for you, which is usually a matter of trying a few. Saddles come in many sized and widths so it is crucial to find one that fits. We have an excellent selection and are happy to advise you and even measure your sit bones. We also provide demo saddles so you can try several out before you decide to purchase.


Here at Surf City Cyclery, we have found that Specialized has the best selection of saddles that are scientifically tested and ergonomically designed to reduce pressure for all-day riding comfort. If you’re looking for the right Specialized saddle, check out their SADDLE FINDER.

Ideally, we recommend getting a bicycle fit to help with correct placement of your saddle height, bars, and overall comfort on a bicycle. CLICK HERE for more info on a bike fit.

We hope these tips keep you riding comfortably. If you have any questions, would like help finding a saddle, test out a saddle, or want to check out some of the cool modern seats we stock, please visit us soon!


“What is that?”…”It’s an e-gel, duh..”



Whether you are a lover or hater of gels, this one is worth trying! Surf City Cyclery recently started carrying E-gels and it has quickly become a staff favorite! Simply put, E-gels are a balanced solution in a gel form that allows you to perform your best. You can read facts all day and on paper, and if you do, you will see why these gels are awesome!!…but here is what we really think of E-Gels:

KARI | Activities tested: Trail Run, Trainer Bike Ride, Road Bike Ride, Swimming

What is your favorite thing about E-Gels?

“I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to energy and electrolyte replacements so finding a way to hydrate during a tough training session is a constant battle. E-Gels didn’t upset my stomach at all, which is rare!”

“The consistency was thinner and easier to take in while in the middle of a tough workout.”

“My energy lasted longer, especially on my trail run. After a burst of energy with other gels, I usually feel the crashing effects after a little bit, but my energy lasted my entire run and my run just felt easier.”

Is there a disadvantage of E-Gels?

“Not the best for shorter, milder workouts. It has a lot of ingredients packed in, so it works best for longer, more intense workouts where endurance is important.”

Who would you recommend E-Gels to?

“I urge anyone that normally gets a stomach ache to at least try these. They also pack a lot of fuel and calories into one packet so it’s easy to take on a long run.”

SHAWN | Activities tested: Mountain Bike Rides

What is your favorite thing about E-Gels?

“I didn’t get a headache and didn’t crash. ”

“Tastes like strawberry candy.”

“Only cool people eat them.”

Is there a disadvantage of E-Gels?

“Yes, sometimes the edges of the packaging cuts the side of my mouth.”

Who would you recommend E-Gels to?

“Anyone who wants to eat something on the lighter side of a gu with the benefits of electrolytes. Also, anyone who likes one product to do it all. It’s easy to carry around one packet rather than trying to bring several gels and a drink mix in my camelbak.”

KEVIN | Activities tested: Mountain Bike Rides, Road Bike Rides

What is your favorite thing about E-Gels?

“They are delicious and much sweeter than other gels without the added sugar. There is also no weird aftertaste.”

“I use them at the same time as any other gel or gu and during the same digestion period, I feel no G.I effects… Happy Tummy!”

Is there a disadvantage of E-Gels?

“Anything under an hour and a half maybe be too to truly reap the benefits of E-Gel”

Who would you recommend E-Gels to?

“Anyone looking for a product to sustain them for more than a 2 hour ride or event.”


E-gels have become a staple in nutrition and number one choice during tough endurance activities for the the shop employees. The unique blend of sodium, potassium, and carbs means you don’t cramp and you don’t bonk. The low amounts of sugar prevent elevating our blood sugar to ultimately wait for yourself to “crash,” which isn’t so good for any endurance athlete. Not only do E-Gels taste delicious, they help us maintain performance during all of our activities.

Want to know how E-Gel compares to your favorite energy nutrition?

e-Gel vs GU
e-Gel vs GU Roctane
e-Gel vs Powerbar Gel
e-Gel vs Hammer Gel
e-Gel vs Clif SHOT Gel
e-Gel vs Clif SHOT Bloks
e-Gel vs EFS Liquid Shot
e-Gel vs Honey Stinger Gel
e-Gel vs Honey Stinger Waffles

Note: Always make sure to drink plenty of water when consuming e-gels or any other gels to help quickly absorb nutrients into your system. Avoid washing these down with sports drinks as it dilutes the gel and ultimately slows down the absorption rate. It may also cause an upset tummy.


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Specialized Fatboy from box, to build, to ride!

Ride the Specialized Fatboy ANYWHERE! The fatbike is rapidly growing in popularity, mainly because of their broad appeal for almost any terrain. Specialized released the Fatboy and has since been very difficult to get your hands on. While combining a lightweight frame and fork with 4.6″ Specialized Ground Control tires for nimble handling in the most extreme conditions, this 30 pound bike is all about having fun! Originally designed as a special purpose bike for dirt or snow, this bike has surprised riders with the amount of adventures it can take you on. Check out the process from box, to build, to ride!

Fatboy Specs:
• New, fully butted M4 Premium Aluminum frame with 190mm rear spacing and a tapered headtube for a lightweight platform with stiffness where you need it and clearance for 5″ tires
• New, full monocoque, Specialized FACT carbon fiber fork with 5-inch tire clearance is super-lightweight and stiff
• Wide, 4.6″ Specialized Ground Control tires with foldable aramid bead are light, fast rolling, and provide excellent traction regardless of the terrain
• Custom 2×10 PF30 crankset with 100mm spindle provides tough and dependable performance
• Tektro Draco 2 hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful and consistent braking, regardless of the weather, temperature or terrain
• SRAM X7 10-speed rear derailleur provides fast and reliable shifting that can handle all the elements

Bike Talk: We are Surf City Cyclery!

Surf City Cyclery Huntington Beach

Bike Talk…that’s what we do at Surf City Cyclery. Whether it’s a story about our awesome weekend ride, the latest products, a new trail we discovered, or advice to make each other more knowledgeable, Surf City Cyclery lives and breathes bikes. Cycling is our passion, hobby, and conveniently, our job too! It’s time we share out bike talk with you. We invite all of you into our shop conversations, experiences, and ultimately share our joy of cycling. Surf City Cyclery has hundreds of combined years of experience in the cycling industry with tons of cycling adventures. We all have our niche in the world of bikes and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Pictured is the Surf City Cyclery, Huntington Beach Crew | (top, left to right) Chris Nii, Jeff Aronson, Shawn “Eli” Freshman, Jeff Young, Shawn Charlton, Larry Pritchard, Mike Burnell, (Bottom, left to right)  Kevin Jimenez, Kari Szentesi, Nelson Raboy.

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